• Kirsten White

Why I'm Shooting Film More

Updated: Feb 13

I've been slowly integrating film back into my personal life since Key West last May. At a shoot I did recently, I finaaaaaaally decided to actually shoot all 36 frames of film I loaded in this camera.

Film isn't about just the organic esthetic that I love so much, or the for the feeling of nostalgia. But really, I love shooting film because of the fact that it makes me, and anyone else who shoots film to:

- slow down

- remember that less is more sometimes

- aim to get it right the first time, or close to it

- be more apart of the actual moment

- to actually remember to create a moment and allow time to stand still

- to try and experiment and be OK with bad results

- to remember that you don't always have to have instant results

- to be selective, conservative, and thoughtful about how, what, and when you shoot

- to expect the unexpected

- to remember the details, not just the bigger picture

Sometimes I feel like we get too trigger happy when we take pictures, or we forget to try and be apart of an actual moment.

Film is an actual experience. From loading the film into the camera, to creating a moment for each session, to developing the film.

The process of film allows you to be fully apart of the experience that you create, forcing you to pay attention to detail, and allowing you to have more creative freedom with physical manipulation of the medium- photography- with how you take the picture, the settings film & chemistry, the way you develop it, how you scan it, if you decide to further edit it with whatever editing software you use, how you decide to share it, and how you decide to print the images from the film.

So if you hire me for a session or your wedding, and you see me pulling out some film, just know- I'm trying to slow down and get back to the basics. I want to help create a better, more organic experience for all of my clients moving forward, and I know that film is one way to satisfy that wan

Enjoy this video I made from when I was a freshman/sophomore at MTSU. I had many late nights developing film as a student. I loved this process. I miss this process.

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