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What's in My Bag | Current Gear

I LOVE seeing what other photographers shoot with, carry with them, and reading what they use the most when they shoot. So I decided to share what I shoot with, what's in my bag, and what I use the most.

The Fuji XT-1 was one of the first mirrorless cameras that I was introduced to and I immediately wanted one. My first time experiencing this camera, was at Bloomin' Bluegrass in Texas, and a friend had one. He showed it to me, and it felt like it fit perfectly in my hands, just like a film camera. Once I got my own, I immediately loved it, the colors that came from it and how much the images had a slightly more organic feeling to them. I love shooting on my Fuji, it's light, and all of my essentials are on the outside of the camera, so I don't have to dive through a menu to change settings. I currently shoot on a Fuji XT-1, and I'm hoping to add an XT-3 or XT-4 (when the 4 comes out) to my bag later this year.

The lenses I shoot with are a 23 mm f/1.4, 50 mm f/2, and a 50-140 mm f/2.8. I mostly shoot on my 23mm lens, as I love being able to get as much into a picture to tell a story as I can. But my 50 mm is the lens that takes the best detail shots, getting close up with all the rings, showing each little stone that shines bright. And my 50-140 mm is the one that helps me to capture that first kiss, without being in the way of all your guests wanting to see that moment happen.

The rest of my equipment includes flashes (so I don't have to worry about low light situations during receptions), exxxxxxtra batteries (because we all need more energy), a video light (for all the sparkler exits), plenty of memory cards (so I never have to say I can't take any more pictures), and a Holdfast harness (so my camera is always by my side).

But I also have some fun toys that not everyone else carries with them. I have copper rings (to create rings of fire or flare), prisms (a diamond shape and a long prism), and film cameras! I don't always bring my film cameras with me, but I try to depending on what the situation is when I'm packing my gear. I have a Canon AE-1 that my dad gave me (and I used the most when I was in college), a Pentax K1000 (another camera that I shot with in college), a Canon SureShot (an easy camera to pass around with friends), and a Kodak DuaFlex (a camera that is more for experimenting).

What gear am I hoping to add to my bag? I've mentioned that I will add a Fuji XT-3 or 4 later this year, but I'm also on the search for either a Mamiya 645 AF or a Contax 645. Both are medium format cameras, and ones that I've become familiar with as I've assisted many photographers who shoot them. And lenses? Oh baby, I love the idea of having a Lensbaby lens, or a nice wide angle lens (6.5 mm or 9 mm).

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