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So you're engaged! Congratulations on this new chapter!

Even as a wedding photographer, starting down the path of planning a wedding was still stressful when I started to consider all of the vendors, budgets, and ideas that I knew I had to keep in mind. I hated how I couldn't always find a quick way to figure out pricing or get a break down of pricing without talking to vendors, only to find out that I either couldn't afford them, or they didn't fit my criteria.

So if you're reading this, then you're wanting to get a better breakdown of my wedding photography pricing so you can better understand what it is that I offer, how much you should budget for, and if there's annnnny possible way you can save some moola while you're at it!

First off, let me start with this-

ALL of my packages are customizable. They are built based on what you want and/or need. And YES, you can make payments. As little or as many as you need to make, I will always do my best to work with you to guarantee that you are happy!

Wedding Day Coverage

Let's start with the basics. I cover all wedding types:

Full day coverage (the two of you, me, your officiant, your wedding party, your family, your friends...)

Elopements (the two of you, me, and your officiant)

Intimate weddings (the two of you, me, your officiant, and your closest family)

Courthouse weddings (the two of you, me, and the judge)

My hourly rate is $300.

For full day weddings, I typically start at 6 hours, and go up to 12 hours. This usually covers you, the bride and groom getting ready, details, first looks, family portraits, wedding party portraits, the ceremony, bride & groom portraits, reception, exits... 6 hours usually is pushing it on coverage and typically covers just the bare minimum, so if you're afraid you need more hours, ask. I'll always be happy to help you figure out how much coverage you need. My full day wedding packages also come with a second shooter or an assistant, depending on what I think I'll need help with the day of your wedding.

Elopements, intimate weddings, and courthouse weddings are so varied, but I always recommend starting at 2 hours minimum to get the ceremony and portraits afterwards. This is why it is important to talk to me, ask any and all questions, and make sure you let me know what is most important to you. I'm ALWAYS willing to help.

Al La Cart

But what else can you add to your wedding package? Good question! You can add so many different things, the possibilities are endless! My packages are customizable because I travel, I love to have options, and not everyone wants the same thing.

Here is what you can add to your package:

Engagement session: $250*

Bridal session: $250*

Bridal boudoir session: $250*

Second/third shooter: $450**

Rehearsal dinner coverage: starts at $300

Albums: start at $1,200

Fine art print collections with boxes: start at $375

USBs: start at $175

* these sessions are normally $350, but when you add them to your wedding photography package, I reduce the price by $100!

** if I decide I only need an assistant, but you want to add a second shooter (an extra set of eyes) to your package, or if you think a second shooter that I already have lined up won't be enough, I can hire additional help. This price covers their rate, and the extra work I have to put in afterwards with the extra images I get from them.

Second and third shooters? Whaaaaa? Yes. There is such a thing! It's actually how I got my start in building my portfolio and experience shooting weddings! Typically, second shooters are hired as a way for the main photographer to make sure that the schedule can run right on time, and all the shots are still taken.

Let's say for example, you're both getting ready at the same time. There's not two of me, so I have my second shooter grab shots of the groom while I shoot and assist the bride. Orrrrr, there's not enough time to grab details of the reception before guests start moving towards the reception, so I'll have my second shooter get all of those details while I stay with the two of you, getting all of the big moments that you also want documented.

Let's just say, a second shooter saves my ass by being a second version of me, grabbing shots of all the details and portraits I may not have time to grab myself. And just to help ease your mind, yes, I vet them. I make sure they're up to the task, they have experience with a camera, and they are trustworthy people! I'll always make sure that the people I bring with me are people that meet high standards, for both my sake and yours.


So you live in another state. Or I have to travel further than an hour to cover your wedding. What all does that entail? Good thing you asked, because that's important, too! I will always cover weddings within 60 miles of where I live (Washington, D.C.) free of charge. If I have to travel over 60 miles, like 75 miles, then I charge $.50 per mile. This is why it is important to let me know ASAP where you are getting married.

But what if you are getting married in another state? Wellll... I would have to have you cover the costs of travel and lodging for a minimum of 2 or 3 nights. So if you live in California, alllll the way on the other side of the country, I'd need at least 2 days for travel, maybe even an extra day to be safe in case of bad weather. And then one day for the day of the wedding. But don't worry, I'll be on the lookout for deals on travel and lodging, always trying to make sure you don't have to spend more than you need to on a plane ticket and hotel. Because let's be honest, plane tickets aren't cheap. And neither are weddings.

Buuuuuut, I do travel to certain states free of charge. If you are getting married in Arkansas, Texas, Virginia, or Tennessee, I'll travel there free of charge, and won't have to figure out lodging, because I have family that I could always use an excuse to visit!


So what else is there to cover? Oh yeah, deals! So you are trying to figure out how to save

some moola, while still have me, The Witness, as your wedding photographer. Well, here are the ways that I will always give a discount:

Military: 20% with proof

First Responder: 20% with proof

Payment in full: 10% off if you pay in full, the same day as you sign a contract

Did that help any? I hope so! Pricing for any service or product isn't always easy to figure out, or to explain. So I hope this helped you to figure out what I offer, what I would charge, and how you could possibly save some moola. If you have any questions that still haven't been answered, be sure to fill out my contact form and ask away!

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