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Travel Photography Fees and Dates

Updated: Jun 10

Do I travel?

It's a question that I get often, followed by: do you charge for travel? And the answer varies.

If you are located within 2 hours or 120 miles from the location where I currently live, then no. I don't charge travel fees. Why not? Because I want to be as accessible to local clients as possible, even if their event or session location is a little further than where we are both located.

But if you are hiring me and you don't live in the same state as me, then I need to charge travel fees. Whether it's for a wedding or for a session, I still need to get there and have a place to stay. So the travel fees are based on what it takes to get me there and for me to stay for at least 2 nights- usually the night before and the night of the wedding or session. If I can easily drive, then you just pay for the mileage, but if I have to fly, then you would need to pay for a plane ticket.

What if I'm traveling to your area already? Then you don't have to pay the fee- like if I'm visiting my family or friends in Arkansas, Texas, or Virginia. Or if I'm already coming to your area for another work related reason. If I end up booking enough sessions or weddings/events in one area, then the travel fees would be highly reduced, or possibly even refunded. But refunding would be a highly unlikely possibility because it would still take several sessions to make up for the travel fees that need to be paid.

How do you know what the travel fees are? I'll tell you. If I need to fly, then I'll be booking a flight and place to stay within 60 days of the time I need to be there. And once I know how much that actual cost is, then I'll send an invoice with the breakdown once I have the actual numbers for you to pay ASAP!

Are there places that I don't charge to travel to usually? Yes! Since I'm originally from Arkansas, I don't charge to travel back to my home state! I'm a proud Razorback, and always looking for an excuse to go back for a quick weekend. Other locations include: Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Key West, Kentucky, and Mississippi.

Here is a list of travel dates for 2020 that I have so far. I'll be updating this as the year goes on and I book more sessions in other locations.

July - Dallas, TX

August 1st-8/9th - Galax, VA

October 2nd-5th - Arkansas

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