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New Products for 2020

I've recently started getting more interested in the physical products that I can offer to clients, and have decided that starting next year, I'll start rolling out several options for different products and packages.

Why? Because even though we live in a digital world, it's nice to get physical. I love to touch a product, to go into a store and hold it before buying it, and to hold all of my keepsakes together in one box. And that's what physical prints are- they're keepsakes.

The one thing that I love most about the generations before us, is the fact that they saved everything. They kept their family photos in cedar chests, created albums, and made sure to add to their collection over the years. That way, we as younger generations, can go back and look back on the past. Why don't we continue that now?

So, I'm starting to offer different products that allow my clients to do the same. You can use these products how you please, you can customize them, you can do whatever you'd like with them. Just make sure you continue to add to them over the years.

The first major products that I'll be offering starting in 2020, are photo boxes and USBs. There are multiple options out there, but I've found a few that I want for myself, so I know you'll like these options, too.

Glass Photo Boxes

These boxes are meant to be put on display. They come in either rose gold or gold, with more options to come. But they allow you to display your physical prints in a case that also protects them. You can purchase this box for matted prints or choose to do loose prints, allowing you to add to the collection as you'd like. If you purchase matted or mounted prints, you can store up to 12 prints. But if you decide on loose prints, you can do as many as 120 prints.

Wooden Photo Boxes

These boxes are meant more for storing your prints, allowing them to stay private, and giving you the chance to decide when they are shared. The smaller boxes have two depth options- shallow or regular. With shallow depth, you can store up to 150 loose prints, but with regular depth, you can store up to 300 loose prints. There are larger boxes, that allow you to store up to 900 prints. And each size has multiple options for finishes. You can purchase multiple sizes that hold 4x6 prints, but there are only two options for 5x7 prints.

Linen Photo Boxes

A softer way to store your prints, these boxes are a great option for those wanting to store their prints but without the heavy materials or glass and wood. You can store up to 120 loose prints.


I love giving the option to give my clients a way to make sure their digitals are stored away on a usb. I always remind clients to save their gallery on at least 2 or 3 different devices, but this gives me a way to guarantee that they're saved on a USB. You can buy just the USB or buy this as an addition to your photo box with prints.


Glass Box

4x6 loose $375

5x7 loose $400

8x10 matted $650

Wooden Box (4x6)

Small shallow $400

regular $450

Medium $500

Large $650

XL shallow $800

regular $875

Wooden Box (5x7)

shallow $550

regular $600

Linen Box

4x6 loose $375

5x7 loose $400

USB with Linen Box* $300

USB with Wood Box* $250

USB with No Box** $175

*Just the USB with its own storage box, does not include prints. This is either 32 or 64 GB

**This can be added to a print box, or be a stand alone item with no case. This is 8-64 GB

(All product images are from the websites of the companies that make these products. These are not my images.)

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