• Kirsten White

Can You Bring Your Pet to Your Session?

The answer is yes! Absolutely! I love it when clients bring their beloved fur babies to be included in their sessions. It puts a smile on everyone's face- most of the time.

But not everyone has a dog or a cat. So while I'm not a huge fan of reptiles or creepy crawly things, I'll tolerate them being around for a session. As long as the session is in a controlled environment and their is some way for you as a client to have control.

In fact, if you bring your dog to a session, you'll most likely turn into one of my favorite clients to ever work with. Why? Because animals have a way of bringing warmth to a setting that makes everyone around smile.

But what should you keep in mind when bringing a beloved pet to your session? Here are a few general rules I'll always tell clients when they mention bringing their fur babies along:

1. Your pet must behave- listening to general commands and being leash trained are key to a smooth session with pets

2. Bring treats- you want to make sure that your pet knows that they have done well when asked to do something such as sit, stay, and down.

3. Bring their favorite toy- the squeakier the better. This helps me to get their attention fast when I'm trying to get a shot of everyone looking at me. And it's a fun moment to capture when you pull their favorite toy out to play with for a quick moment

4. Have a plan for when you don't want them in the picture- this could mean you have a friend or family member tag along who can take care of them. Or bring a crate to put them in when they need a moment to chill out. Or try to make it so that we are too far from home so you can easily take them home if we switch locations.

What if your pet isn't a cat, dog, or something that can be easily handled? Like a horse, or a bird? Welllll, each pet requires a different way to be handled, so if I need to, I'll do my research on what to do if you want to include them in your session. I'm more familiar with horses and cows than I am with snakes. But I'll manage. If the pet is truly apart of your family, then I'll do my best to make sure we include them in your session, if that is something that you truly want to make happen.

As a Witness to your life and the precious moments you have, I want to do what I can to keep them true to who you are and involve what makes you, you. I'm always happy to do something different, and I strive to make each of my clients happy with the moments that I capture. In fact, I love it when a client asks to bring their pet, because to me, pets are true members of the family. So why not include them?

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