• Kirsten White

A Typical Couples Session

It can be nerve racking. It can be awkward. It can be silly. It can be fun.

When most clients first come to me about booking a session, they usually say the same things:

"We're not a models."

"We're awkward in front of a camera."

"My spouse hates getting their pictures taken."

But I can tell you one thing that I know- I'm the same way as you when a camera gets put in front of me. I can't stop laughing, I can't make a serious face without looking like The Grinch, and the only professional pictures I have of me and Lucas, are from our engagement session and our wedding. So I try to make each session easy to get comfortable, to

Here's how I try to work with clients:

Before the session

Let me help you change that. My sessions typically start with a date or two with me beforehand to get to know you better. I prefer to build a relationship with my clients if possible, so I can better capture each moment in a way that shows off each client in the best way possible.

During the session

I'll start by just seeing how you, and your spouse, act around me at first. I'll ask questions about how your day has been, comment about the weather... But then, once we've warmed up to each other, I'll start to ask more intimate questions- "Do you remember your first kiss?" I'll start to have you get more snuggly, sharing Eskimo kisses, listening to each others heartbeats, dancing to your favorite songs. I'll also have you do fun things, like bump hips, play tag, and steal kisses. At the end of a session, I'll have you remember why you love each other. I'll ask you to share why you look forward to a future together.

What you get

You'll probably walk away with some movie perfect moments in your head. But then you'll think, I now know why I'm with this person. Then, I'll start sharing your session, and you'll just be reminded of all the smiles you shared together. You'll see true moments of happiness together. Of course, there will be some posing that I can't prompt like others, that are more posed. But most images in your gallery, will be ones of you focused on each other, soaking up the time you have together.

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