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Mallory & DJ | Eden Falls Session

It's amazing what is possible when you take a chance and believe in yourself. And the session I had with Mallory and DJ is the outcome of me doing just that.

Right around this time last year, I started seeing posts for a photography workshop that was aimed towards beginners- whether they're beginning as a photographer or as a business owner in the photography world. And the one thing that made the whole workshop catch my eye- it was held at Petit Jean in Morrilton, Arkansas. Petit Jean is a state park that is just down the road from where I grew up, and I have plenty of memories growing up hiking, picnicking, and attending events up on Petit Jean Mountain. The biggest attraction for most, is the waterfall. And let me tell you, once I saw that this workshop had photographers hiking down to that waterfall with camera gear and models in tow- I knew it was the workshop for me.

I learned so much at the workshop, and met some incredibly talented and inspiring photographers. I met people from all over the U.S. and even a few from other countries. But little did I know that when I took two new friends back to the airport once it was over, that it would lead to a session just a month later.

I met Mallory while attending The Real Workshop, and at the end, I ended up taking her and one other attendee out for margaritas and good Mexican food before I dropped them off at the airport. Mallory mentioned that she was coming back to Arkansas in August to shoot a wedding, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell her where to go for good food, drinks, and music.

Eventually, she decided that while she was in Arkansas, she wanted to do a session with her boyfriend, DJ, at a waterfall. So who better than me to do that! It was probably the best feeling ever, when she decided to have me tag along and capture the love between her and DJ.

We met at the trailhead for Eden Falls in the Lost Valley, which is near the Buffalo River. And let me tell you, if you've never been to Arkansas, YOU NEED TO GO! And visit the Lost Valley and Buffalo River. The whole NW Arkansas area is such a beautiful part of the state, and as a fellow Arkansan, I feel it never gets enough credit for all the beauty.

Which is why Mallory made me so incredibly happy when she decided that the session needed to take place in this area. We hiked our way to the caves and waterfalls, I got a few bug bites, Mallory got to splash DJ with water at the end of the session, and DJ protected us from all the spider webs in the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this session from the get go- from the drive through Lost Valley, the hiking early in the morning, and to getting to know Mallory and DJ a little better. I'm hoping to plan a trip up to Michigan, just so I can meet them and have them show me around!

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