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Lauren & Matthew | Engagement Session

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! These two lovebirds get married tomorrow!

Lauren and Matthew got engaged earlier this year, and it's super obvious how much they love and care about each other. I had to opportunity to get a chance to get to know the two of them together during their engagement session, and it was such a great time for all of us.

I've been trying my hardest this year to find ways to make sure that each action, every single thing that I do, has a genuine and true experience behind it, and it all started to come together with Lauren and Matthew's engagement session.

We had the session take place at the Cornelia Fort Air Park, an abandoned airport in East Nashville. I chose this place because Lauren mentioned that they are outdoorsy people, playing volleyball, softball, rock climbing, and they're simple. Which I love! I'm a huge Dixie Chicks fan, and their song "Wide Open Spaces" always comes to mind when I think about needing a location for any kind of session. Because I need lots of space with variety, but something that's easy to maneuver around without taking up a lot of time. And what better place than a wide, open field with trees surrounding it all around.

While sometimes I ask a couple to just smile at each other, or grab a quick kiss, I also make sure that a session with me is also about the experiences so that you can have actual memories. One sweet thing I had these two do, was practice dancing for their first dance that they'll have as a newly married couple. "Neon Moon" by Brooks and Dunn may not be the most romantic song, but it's a song Lauren loves to listen to as Matthew sings it. Matthew started singing it, and shortly after, I started playing it and before we all knew it, the song was over. All it took was 4 minutes and 21 seconds for them to forget the world and me, and for them to just focus on dancing, twirling, and smiling at each other.

There were also some snuggle sessions, moments of just listening to the beating of hearts, and of course, a tickle fight! What better way to do an engagement session? This only makes me even more excited for tomorrow's events!

I can't believe that this wedding is already here so soon after Lauren booked me- this year has flown by so fast. So cherish all the sweet moments, and enjoy the next 50 years together!

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