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Getting Engaged | I Can Relate

Wow! It's already been THREE weeks since my Fiancé (I'm still getting used to saying that!), Lucas, got on his knee and proposed to me while we were down in Key West. Lucas putting a ring on it, means so many things:

-It's time to start planning for a wedding!!!

-We can finally be on the same page!

-We can start putting our plans for the future into action

-I have a lot to do!

But as a photographer, being engaged also means that I can relate to you, my clients, better. I'll be going through a lot of the same processes as you and it will help me to be able understand where you're coming from when you approach me about your big day. This means:

-I'm going to be just as excited about your wedding as you!

-I'll also understand the fears and the overwhelming feelings you might have about everything wedding related

-I will want to make sure your wedding day is just as special as mine

-I will want to hear all about your ideas, and share my thoughts and ideas with you

-I might even have some ideas on vendors to use or to stay away from

-I know how ready you are for this to happen

Weddings take A LOT of work. There are tons of details you don't think about until you start the planning process. And that's why you hire professionals. Professionals in the wedding industry have been working hard to gain the experience and knowledge that they need to help you out when it comes time to hire them, to help make sure things run smoothly. And being a professional wedding photographer, who is now going through the same things as you, asking the same questions, and having the same ideas as you, helps me to better relate to you, and make sure your dreams come true. Because let's be honest, I'm going to treat your wedding day the way I'd want any other professional to treat mine-

with excitement,

attention to detail,

and respect.

Photo credits go to my sweet friend, Lindsey Nale! All pictures are edited by me.

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