• Kirsten White

Kelsey & Matt | Nashville Capitol Session

I live for love. And I live to make the people around me happy. I also love couples sessions.

So when I started looking for a couple to model for me, I instantly knew that my friend, and former roommate Kelsey and her boyfriend, Matt, would be a great fit. They've been together for about a year and a half now, and they are such a fun couple to be around. Kelsey is goofy and loves to laugh, making Matt a great fit for her because he's full of cheesy jokes and it's very obvious that he would lasso the moon to make Kelsey happy.

They both met while interning at the capitol, so it was only fitting to start their session there. They also wanted to make sure they got at least one thing in that anyone would know Nashville for, and that's the murals! They're all over the town, but they chose the best one- the Kind Mural.

When I asked Kelsey to explain her relationship with Matthew now, she said:

“Matthew makes me feel like a kid again. I know that had we grown up together, he probably would have been the only one I shared my crayons with, and I definitely would have chased him around the playground. I don’t even bat an eye at his cooties anymore. It’s comforting to know that I not only have a best friend, but now I will have one for life, and I get to kiss on him.”

Matthew and Kelsey aspire to have a love that radiates into others lives, not just their own.

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