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Blue Ridge Bridal Shoot | TribbleShoot Workshop

I have to say, I started the new year right. I went out of my comfort zone. I went to a workshop & retreat by myself. Even though I went not knowing anyone there, I left knowing that I had made connections that will last.

Now let me be honest, I'm very much a homebody. I don't like putting myself into situations where I don't know the outcome or the people involved. But I knew that if I were to have a profitable photography business, I would have to get outside my comfort zone.

And guess what. It was 100000000% worth it!!

I saw that there was a spot left for this retreat, and grabbed it. I didn't really have the money for it, but what I got out of the whole weekend, is PRICELESS.

What did this retreat have to do with photography, you ask? EVERYTHING. It had everything to do with photography.

Jordan Tribble of TribbleShoot in GA, put together this workshop down in Blue Ridge, GA. And it was magical. She provided a styled bridal shoot, resources to grow a business, and allowed those of us who attended to get and give advice on how to become better photographers and business owners.

We first got to know everyone that attended, finding out what we each wanted to photograph and just knowing each person as an individual. I think people forget that as a photographer, it is our job to know our subjects. We have to know who and what we are photographing, so that we photograph everything in the right way. We have to know how a person ticks, to know how to make them comfortable. And to learn how to get to know a client we've never met, we first have to become comfortable getting to meet strangers in general. And what better way, than to get to know others who have a passion for the same thing- photography.

Once we started to get to know each other, it made it easier to work together and around each other. This whole workshop was to get us to learn how to better ourselves, our techniques, and our business. So the next thing we had to do, was to get to shooting.

Jordan was able to make magic happen. She had a model come and get all dolled up, just so we could take pictures of her in a wedding dress out in the cold. While the model was getting ready, we got to shooting the details that come with weddings. We shot invitations, rings, and a cake too pretty to eat.

What does shooting all those details have to do with shooting a wedding or anything else for that matter? It helps photographers learn how to make items fit together and flow in a picture to make a picture interesting, while also documenting the little things that might be forgotten about when memories can't recall the exact details.

So once we got done photographing the details, we grabbed lunch, then headed out the door to the location where we were to photograph our bride.

Now some might think that shooting a model in a setting like this, with other photographers around and someone helping you to photograph the model might think that this doesn't do anything. But in fact, this does much more that you might think. This provides a way for photographers to learn how to pose a model or subject to make a shot look great. You get practice in learning how to focus and get the right settings on your camera. And you have to work within a timeframe, so you have to learn how to shoot quickly to get all the shots you need- just like it is with a session or wedding.

This also provides content for photographers to learn what their style is, without the nerves of pleasing a client, so that experimentation in the post production can happen. I know for me, I learned that I like to work with the natural light around me, but I like to make sure that the final product is more of a vibrant, dark, and moody style, instead of light and airy. I love both styles, but I love color, and dark and moody is definitely becoming more of my style, with colors being rich and vibrant with deep, dark blacks.

So what all did I get out of this exactly?

I got motivated. I got excited. I realized that I need to get out of my comfort zone. And I got the chance to make new friends.

If you've ever wondered if you should ever attend a workshop- DO IT. I promise, you will be glad you went. You can't learn everything in a day, or in four years through a school, so workshops are a great way to further educate yourself in many ways. They are a great way to network, learn about your career and yourself, and they're a great way to also get out of your normal setting.

Hosted by: Jordan Tribble of TribbleShoot Photography

Model: Hannah Pritchett

Rings: RAW by Olivia Mar

Cake: Brittney Grant

Suite: Tiger Lily Invitations Calligraphy

HMUA: J Thomas Salon and Spa

Full Gallery: https://thewitnessphotography.shootproof.com/gallery/5994617/​

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