• Kirsten White

Blue Ridge Parkway Bridal

How do I even begin to explain how perfect Ashely was for her bridal session? And for this to be my first bridal session, I have to say, I'm so thankful that Ashley gave me the chance to make sure to document her all dressed up before the big day.

When we began talking about how Ashley wanted her shoot to go, she mentioned that she wanted to have the Blue Ridge Parkway as the backdrop. At first, that made me nervous, seeing as how I've only been on the BRP a handful of times. And when I was searching for places, all the pictures never seemed to do justice for all of the great spots. Not to mention, each place that popped up was always an hour away at minimum from the previous spot.

So what did I do, you ask? I ended up driving around the day before the shoot, just enjoying the views and making notes of every picturesque spot I came across. I found so many great places that I had a hard time deciding where to go for the shoot the next day. That is a great problem to have.

Having great locations for a shoot is great, but having a subject that knows how to pose in front of the camera is even better. And Ashely knew what to do and what she wanted. I was so excited about this shoot, and honestly, I still am even though it's over.

Ashley is such a beautiful bride, inside and out. She radiates kindness, love, and grace. It's hard to not enjoy Ashley when she is around, and it is easy to see why Gary has chosen her to be his wife.

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