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Unboxing the Profoto B1 (& other news!)

Holy Cow!!! I still have to pinch myself to make sure this is real! As I mentioned in the video, if you had asked my 13 year old self if I thought I'd be where I am today as a 22 year old, having a business, all the equipment I could dream of, and so many new opportunities, I would have said no. I honestly thought that it would take me a few more years to get where I am today. But that doesn't mean that I haven't received help, and for that, I am beyond thankful.

Back in April/May, there was a big lighting sale going on up in Nashville, at a camera store called Dury's. And when I went to check it all out, the Profoto gear was all I wanted to look at. I've used Profoto in school, and knew that Profoto was the top of the line. If you can get the top of the line, get it. If it is at all possible, start with quality. It may cost you a bit more than other options, but quality lasts and it makes an impression.

With that being said, I know, I know. I made a mistake in not making sure I had everything I needed. So DO YOUR RESEARCH, ask questions, make sure you know everything you need to, to make your purchase complete!!! Learn from my mistake, and know that if you buy a soft box, more than likely, you will have to buy a speedring to be able to attach it to the light. And don't just do this with lighting equipment, do this with anything that you have to research before you buy.

And yes. I hope the rumors are true, too. I will make sure to update this blog once Profoto comes out with a receiver for Fuji cameras. As of right now, you can either use a regular receiver that is manual only, or you can use a Nikon receiver with a Roboshoot, a device that helps with the communication between your Fuji camera and your Profoto lights!

As promised in the video, here are the details/differences between the B1, B1X, and the B2 light kits from Profoto:

****Just in case you were wondering, you can update the firmware for the B1, to be as up to date as the B1X. And yes, the batteries for the B1X can be used for the B1 so you can have the 100+ extra flashes!

Credit where credit is due:

For information pertaining to the B1 vs. B1X:


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