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Kota Hayes

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

Every time that I have seen Kota, it has always been as if we saw each other yesterday. Nothing about the friendship that we have has changed even though we don't see or speak to each other every day. We first met during our freshman year when we were both going down the path of becoming new members of a sorority. And during that time, I found that Kota was always someone who could keep positive, stay true to herself, and also be a reminder of Gods word during such a chaotic time.

We don't always see each other, or hang out. In fact, most of the time that we get to talk, it's when we've run into each other on campus between classes. But each time, it's like nothing has changed. Every time I see her, her face lights up and she always has a smile. Friendships like that are the best. Kota has always been someone who is like a ball of sunshine every time you see them. She brings around positivity, even when she herself is stressed.

When I asked Kota if she wanted to get her pictures taken at Batey Farms when they had their sunflower patch open, I was really hoping she would say yes. Kota and sunflowers. What a great combination!

Whenever I think about sunflowers (which happen to be my favorite flower), I always think about how they follow the sun in the sky. To me, this is a reminder of how our faith should be as christians. Always following what God wants us to do as His people. This is why I loved the combination of Kota and sunflowers. Kota has always been someone that is a reminder of Gods word and his plan for us.

When I asked Kota for a quote or a bible verse that meant more to her than others, she gave me Romans 8:28. And I had to do a little research on what that verse meant. I found that quote so fitting for this chapter in Kota's life right now.

It's always hard to figure out what the next step is, or what to do when a situation arises that you're not prepared for. But for me, I always have faith that as long as I believe and trust in God, it will work out for the better. That doesn't mean that I'll just sit around and wait for something to happen, but that I will try my best to work a situation in a way that will be how God sees fit, and I know that Kota is the same way.

Kota is graduating this August with a degree in exercise science. When I asked her what she plans on doing with this, she said she wants to go to PT tech and then to PT school. After she is finished with school, her goal is to help veterans and others who have prosthetics. I find that to be such a beautiful goal. To help others who are having a trying time, to be able to move better and feel better physically.

I have so much faith in Kota, that she will do so much good for others, because I know that her faith is strong. To me, Kota is like the sunflowers that we took her pictures with. She follows God and her faith, and she is using her skills to help others. Kota has always been a light to me, she is someone who I know will always have good advice and a good bible verse to remember for any situation. I can't wait to see where life takes her!

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