• Kirsten White

Business Prep. 101 Pt. 2

You think that when you're taking the entrepreneurship classes in college that they would go into detail on how to go about getting the proper licenses needed for the type of business that you own. But they don't.

So I've decided that I would try to help out others who are starting out just like me, by putting all the information you need in one location! Check out the links below for information about attaining the licenses needed to run a business:

For the Small Business Development Center:


For an EIN:


For a Tennessee minimal activity business tax license application:


For business licensing/tax reporting information for Rutherford County:


For more information on tax classifications:


Please understand that I'm not a business advisor in any way, I am just trying to help others when it comes to gathering the information needed to get a business on its feet. I only know how to attain a license in Tennessee, but I'm sure the process is similar in other states. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions for becoming a better business owner!

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