• Kirsten White

Business Prep 101 Pt. 1

Phew! It has been one busy month and a half since I did my first vlog! Last Monday, June 12, I spent all morning getting all the paperwork filled out to attain my business licenses and a business bank account set up. Now it's official and I am so excited to announce that I am now the sole proprietor/owner of The Witness Photography!

These are the two different licenses that I had to apply for:

Minimal Activity Business License

Minimal Activity Business Tax License

I will explain more about what each license is for in another vlog, because I know that if I didn't know that there were two licenses that I needed, then I know that others don't know either!

On top of all of that, I also moved the weekend before that! So I now have a two bedroom apartment, solely for the purpose of using the second bedroom as an office for my photography business. How exciting! I'm moving up in the world and I can't sit still about it!

Two things to take away from moving as a photographer:

-Always keep your equipment boxes. This allows you to move your precious cargo safely so that you don't end up with bumped, scratched, or completely broken equipment. The boxes may take up storage space, but it will save you money in the long run!

-Keep your office/business things separate! This may seem obvious, but I know how moving goes. You wait until the last minute to pack and then you just throw everything in a box and hope for the best. This time around, I made sure to pack my office/business things first, and I packed them in clear totes or open boxes, so that I could add to them as I packed up the rest of my apartment.

And the rock keeps rolling! I was asked to shoot for The Tennessean the week before I moved, which lead to me getting asked to shoot for them again this week! So tomorrow night, I'll be photographing The Tennessean Top Work Places event! I also helped assist a photographer at a wedding last Saturday and absolutely love the shots I took. Shout out to H. Allen Photography for thinking of me when looking for a second shooter!

As you can tell, things are moving right along for me and my business! It can get pretty dizzying at times, thinking about how far I've come and what all there is to do, but I'm so thankful that I have the ability to run a business that I've always dreamed of having!

Stay tuned for Business Prep 101 Pt. 2! I will be going over licenses that are necessary to have as a sole proprietor that runs a business out of the home!

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