noun | wit·ness | \ˈwit-nəs\​

one asked to be present at a transaction so as to be able to testify to its having taken place

My name is Kirsten White, and I am the owner of The Witness Photography.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Photography and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Middle Tennessee State University in 2017.

I was originally based out of Nashville, TN. Once my husband and I were married in August 2019, we moved to Washington, D.C. for a position he had accepted working in the Senate.

Our plans include us moving back to Nashville in the future, where we want to settle down to be more involved in the music and event industry.

I shoot primarily on a Fuji XT-1 and I am slowly working to incorporate analog film photography with multiple film cameras including:

120 mm

35 mm

Instant Film

My passion to document life is driven by the fact that we often miss the small details that happen throughout the day or tender moments with loved ones.

As a lover of physical things, I had the pleasure of working at a fine art print lab in Nashville, where I learned more about the printing process and what materials are best for preserving physical prints for them to last a lifetime.

One of my goals as a photographer, is to document moments that clients will be excited to have framed or printed in album form to have in their home.

Want to know more about me?

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"The best camera you can have, is the camera on you."

Enjoy these shots from my personal life, taken with phone cameras, my Fuji XT-1, and by others. Use this as another way to connect with me- through moments of my life!  

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The Witness Photography

Washington, D.C. & beyond!

(615) 801-6381

Traveling photographer to these areas:

Arkansas - Tennessee - Texas - Virginia - Maryland - Kentucky - Washington, D.C. - North Carolina