"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business."

                            - Steve Forbes

Why do a branding session?

My approach

When brainstorming for a branding session, I try to take into consideration what the company offers, how the products or services are offered, and how the images from a session will be used.

Sessions can be for anything business related. They can include product shots, headshots, action or behind-the-scene shots, or flat lays. It can be models with the products, or even just shots that you want for a more "stock photo" collection that fits your brand.

Your brand is an important part of your business. But what does that mean exactly? What do you do to make your brand consistent?

Branding is about consistency. It's about uniformity, and identity.

Doing a branding session, or doing several, help companies to have content that is consistent in what they use for their website, pamphlets, business cards, and social media.

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